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Apple Vintage Collection - For Sale "est. value 45K+ US$"


Found this collection for sale in November of last year, when I was hunting down my G4 Mac Mini.
At that time the price was 20.767,43 US$, 18.278,46 EUR€. Now it's 16.949,89 USD, 14.918,45 EUR.

"Apple collection of old machines and accessories, programs etc.
120 Apple machines, as well as other products for sale.
Sold only together.
The collection is for exhibition, not everyone works."

The collection is estimated at over 45.810,51 USD, 40.320,12 EUR.
Mind that the current sale price I know of, does not match the old price listed on the website.

33 pages PDF
Seller notes that a complete list can be acquired by contacting him.

Apple timeline (English): http://www.applemuseum.dk/apple_museum/index.html
The seller was the first authorized Apple reseller and professional supporter in DK, owns AppleSupport.dk and has 35 years of experience.

This collection is located in DK, if anyone is thinking of opening up their own Apple Museum and would want to buy this.
They can pm me for assistance in contacting the seller for acquiring, packaging and shipping, if need be -just an offer.

looks great and seems to be an almost complete museum.

though somehow it is funny that they included an XRaid and called it a server.




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