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problems with G4 DA and Newer Tech CPU upgrade

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--- Quote from: FBz on January 08, 2022, 06:42:59 PM ---Happy to hear that your machine is now again functioning and yet, as we seem to be encountering very similar problems cropping up here lately with others’ machines - there are a few questions that you might answer in order to possibly help us all with any future possible, similar situations.

Most questions below might serve anyone seeking help with a problematic Mac - if they provide answers to them in their help requests. Along with specific machine type. (i.e. DA, QS, MDD, G3, G4, iBook, iMac  etc.)

1. Was this machine new to you, as in “recently acquired”? Or…

2. Was it always yours… but just stored away until recently?

3. Did its’ hard drive have both OS 9 and OS X already installed and working before storage?

4. If both 9 & X were already on the hard drive, were they installed on separate bootable partitions?

5. OR were they both on one single hard drive, un-partitioned?

6. Was there only one hard drive present? Type & size?

7. How many GB - each HD? Or on just the one? How much RAM installed?

8. What other cards were installed in the machine when you had boot problems?

9. Did you originally install an aftermarket CPU upgrade, or someone else?

10. Any other external devices connected? If so, please list.

--- End quote ---

1 & 2: The machine is new to me, I bought it from someone who lives about an hour from me.  It was in his basement for several years.  A 15" Apple ADC CRT monitor and a Pro Mouse came with the G4.

3 & 4 & 5: The master drive had a single partition with OS X 10.4.9 and Mac OS 9.2.2.  Mac OS 9 was never used on the machine, OS X added a bunch of stuff to OS9 when I fired up Classic mode.

6 & 7: Two hard drives were installed, an 80 gb as master and a 250 gb (?) as slave.  The 250 gb drive was blank.  1.25 gigs of RAM is installed.

8: The only cards installed were an ATI Rage128 video card and an Adaptec fast SCSI card, both with Apple part numbers on them.

9: The CPU upgrade came with the computer.  It's a Newer Tech MaxPower dual 1.6 GHz.

10: All I had connected at the time was a USB-VGA KVM switch.

When I got the computer hooked up for the first time it was flaky, but did boot into OS X.  It did not boot normally.  I would get the "shut down your computer" error box, but if I waited 20 seconds or so I'd get a spinning circle and OSX would boot the rest of the way.  I thought this strange behavior was from a dead PRAM battery but when I put in a new one the really bad flakiness started happening (freezing, not booting at all, dropping into open firmware).


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