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What is FinderPop?

Hmmm. Good question. FinderPop is a control panel that extends Mac OS 8 or 9's contextual menus using a FinderPop Items Folder, much as the Apple Menu Items folder does for the Apple menu. Some people think of it as a launcher that takes up zero screen real estate, merely a click on any blank area of menubar away. Others see it as a handy filesystem browser, allowing quick and easy access to their files in the Finder, as well as enhancing navigation in the Standard File and Navigation Services dialogs, as well as in "Path Popups." Still others see it merely as a means to get a Windows menu in the Finder by option-clicking a blank area of menubar, or an Applications menu by command-clicking a blank menubar area. A few foolhardy souls claim that the FinderPoplets and the Set File Type mechanism are worth a mention. A few more think that control-free popup also works fairly well.

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Looking for MacOS 9.2.4

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Re: FinderPOP
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Nice Application.... Similar to Action GoMac...

Created by Power On Software, “Action GoMac” adds an XP-Style Start Menu and taskbar to Mac OS 9. This awesome utility lets you navigate among active applications and launch them from the customizable Start menu or QuickLaunch taskbar. You can drag and drop the icons or aliases of your favorite applications, files, or folders onto any part of the taskbar, and the minimized versions of these icons will appear in the QuickLaunch area (not buried beneath your open applications). Also, you can drag application shortcuts (aliases) to you OS 9 System Folder’s “Start Menu Items” and your applications will appear on the Start Menu.

Download Here:

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Re: FinderPOP
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action go mac looks a bit too much like windows 98;)