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sonnet 1.33 os9 troubles [no original cpu]

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a decade ago or more i was given a sonnet 1.33ghz upgrade for my quicksilver 733mhz g4 - i did the upgrade via osx, the firmware/drivers setup and all that. i had no idea at the time that for it to work well on os9, i had to do it there instead of osx - so whenever i use os9 it crashes. could be 1min after bootup or perhaps 1hr into it or it wont even boot at all. then i got the mdd tower and i never used the quicksilver again. lol.

my question is, without the original cpu can i install the firmware or drivers and maybe fix this? no longer have the original cpu since it was an exchange. or is my option just to get the original 733mhz cpu from ebay or elsewhere and just reset it all and do it from scratch?

Have you tried running the OS9 drivers installer using the Classic environment in 10.4.11?

dont think i ever tried that. will have to go get quicksilver and try now, hopefully something happens :D

i dont think you need to do that with the old processor.

Both Encore/ST G4 and Encore/ST G4 Duet models require
Mac OS 9.2 for software installation and firmware updating.


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