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For trade?: iBook G3/466 SE (Firewire/Clamshell)


Hello fellow OS9íers,

I wonder if any one would be interested in my Navy iBook G3/466 SE (Firewire/Clamshell
Itís still got the OG HDD running strong and a stick of 512mb OWC RAM (max?).
Missing the apple stem on the lid and has one thin green line in the display on the far leftónot super noticeable unless youíre playing a full screen game.

I have some sentimental attachment to it, but it hasnít gotten any real use since I got my B&W g3 rigged up with a scsi card (thanks Diehard!)óno more scsi over USB.

Anyone interested? I have a long wish listóa lot of which probably exceeds the value of this old boy (Anyone got an E-mu E4X Hollywood Gold gathering dust??  ;D), so Iíll see if anyone is interested first.

Happy Halloween and, as always, thanks for reading!

Sent you a message.


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