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WTB or Trade for A PCI CPU Upgrade


I'm looking for a CPU upgrade for my Power Computing PowerWave 120.   
If any one has a cpu that is at least a 604e 200 MHZ or better and would be willing to sell let me know.
Also would be willing to make a trade for it.
Here's a couple things I might be willing to trade depending on the CPU you have.
Sonnet Tempo ATA/100
QuickSilver Dual 1 Ghz G4 (Whole machine not just the CPU)

Two possible candidates? Neither cleaned - nor tested.

Think the NewerTech is “adjustable” and the Apple… I haven’t a clue.
(Have seen them listed before as 300MHz?)

PM your address again if you want to test / try either (or both).

I’d remove heatsinks, inspect and re-paste before testing. ;)


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