Author Topic: Anyone ever made 3D models of the plastic bits on a Graphite G4 tower?  (Read 1481 times)

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I have been toying with somewhere in the future the idea of getting a second, this time Gigabit Ethernet G4 to beef up to, if not max specs then at least pretty good ones, and to differentiate it (and because my favorite color is green), I'd like to 3D print some new parts in green and sell off the originals. Mainly so that I can call it Little Mac. If nothing else, my current G4 has a pretty dinged up, gouged, and corroded out case that doesn't exactly inspire me about the condition of the motherboard but it functions so the recap project will be another day, and I'd like to get it in good condition... and maybe still change the color. What can I say, I'm a sucker for reals and greens.
Seeing how well my call for 745x boards went I'm not optimistic, but I figured I'd throw it out there just in case anyone had, or had the capability and time to.
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Re: Anyone ever made 3D models of the plastic bits on a Graphite G4 tower?
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I haven’t done any 3d modeling in many years and am just getting back in to it, so sadly I’m not up to it yet. I know you can create 3d models from photographs but depending on how damaged the parts are that you want to replace that may or may not be a good solution. I did a quick web search with create 3d model from photo as the search term and quite a few sites came up, so it may be worth a look.
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