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built-in sounds gone!


not really a HUGE deal but..
i like having the platinum sounds on sometimes..:)

somehow my built in sounds as an option has dissappeared..
if i go into control panels -> sound
it only shows delta410-15 (number randomly assigned to my pci sound card i guess)

i can of course get my sounds to go thru my sound card but i kinda wanted them to come out the built in speakers on the mac.. but this option has dissappeared and i was wondering if anyone knows or remembers having this problem and would know a solution!

not really a big deal but would be great to avoid reinstalling to fix...

According to the manual...

"MACINTOSH SOUND MANAGER INPUTS AND OUTPUTS: The Apple Sound Manager limits the user to one stereo pair for input and one stereo pair for output. Within your music software, the device selection when using the Sound Manager drivers for input and output will be


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