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Emulators for Mac OS 9


There have been quite many emulators for Mac OS 9, here is some information of some of them:

And here some more (scroll down to skip for OSX 10.2 emulators):

I've been recently dabbling with emulation on OS9 and much to my surprise, there's quite a lot of very capable emulators out there. Problem these days is rather finding a page that has ROMs and is accessible from Classilla ... (read: we need a ROMs page for low-end systems :-) )

That's a cool link, teroyk! It's a good starting point, though the list misses a lot of excellent emulators like iNes, DGen, Mac Spectacle (Spectrum), IIe, GUS_GS and many many more ...

I found this Sinclair QL emulator for Mac OS 9 (it has version also newer and older Macs):
that smaller links before main download link is for Mac OS 9.


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