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What are the de facto mastering software packages for OS 9?

Specifically, I'm looking for one that's capable of creating/exporting DDP images for CD mastering.

DDP images is not exactly available in OS9, the three major burning softwares all have caveats with some of the additional options such as break length, meta data or EAN.

toast 5 for example creates proper redbook content, but does not allow to set pause other than of 2:00.

the first "full featured" app i have seen is roxio´s jam - the audio-only sister of toast v.6, which requires 10.3+

it offers an audio editor with crossfading, you can have pause times of 0-inf between tracks, and you can edit titles and all the additional info you wish.

of course an old school CD master is not a problem in most houses, but DDP is preferred.

i think if you come from protools and you use sounddesigner as interchange format, jam will even read the cue points from it.

Yeah IIO, you need X, because before X no CD has ever been mastered, …   :P

I'd have a look at Emagic Waveburner Pro! Not sure if v2.2.1 is the latest version for 9.x (before Apple bought Emagic).


--- Quote from: IIO on August 04, 2021, 02:08:21 PM ---DDP images is not exactly available in OS9
--- End quote ---
And of course that is also a wrong statement! Sonic Studio HD (at least v 1.9.1 from 2004) can do DDP and DDP image dumps at a highly professional level. I am quite sure that if I go on searching, I will find further software that can handle DDP as the Disc Description Protocol was created in 1996.

so give him a copy of sonic studio and then we are talking, you theory terrorist. :)

waveburner does not even get DDP images right in OSX intel.


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