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Mac OS 9 Lives! Universal 9.2.2 Installation ported to pre-made QEMU Drive Image

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what about an image with no apps but with the "required" files (prefs, key auths) for various sw?


--- Quote from: IIO on July 29, 2021, 09:42:55 PM ---what about an image with no apps but with the "required" files (prefs, key auths) for various sw?

--- End quote ---

That's what the "Software Library" image is about, it can be connected as a 2nd volume and used to installs and keygens; place the image in the same folder as a working QEMU setup and add the line ...
-drive file=SoftwareLibrary.img,format=raw,media=disk \
to your qemu.command file

Posting in this topic from the above featured OS image, using UTM as the host Qemu on my M1 Mac mini, where the PPC / Mac99 hardware configuration uses TinyCodeGen to recompile to arm64 natively. Also, the qemu-system-ppc it uses has the Screamer patch applied, so that works, too.

Needs a little getting used to the capture/uncapture of the mouse/keyboard: You have to click the cursor capture button in the toolbar to hook the mouse and keyboard into the emulator, and press ctrl+option to release them. And sometimes, cmd+tabbing away after releasing wants to leave the cmd key pressed as far as the guest OS sees it.

Otherwise, this is a fine experience for testing really old software as far as I'm concerned. There's probably even some classic games that haven't been modernized enough with new ports and such to work on newer machines. Prior to ScummVM supporting it, Pegasus Prime would have been a candidate for me for sure.



Found more, regarding "Screamer"

"This video breaks down installing QEMU and also how to build QEMU "Screamer" which emulates sound. It's more complex but at the same time not a whole lot more work than just running QEMU."

The all important instructions!


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