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SM64GSW 1.4 Now With Mac OS 8-9 PPC Support. Write GameShark Codes To SM64 ROMs


I wrote this program last year in C89/Ansi C. It allows you to write GameShark codes directly into a given Super Mario 64 ROM file. Useful for emulators like sixtyforce (mac os 8-9 version, running great on the Mac mini G4 - ) which do not have the ability to use cheat codes, as well as for the purpose of allowing you to make your own modified ROM file.

After fixing some Big endian bugs, I got this to run on Mac OS X powerpc. After making the big endian support not depend on Mac OS X specific byte swapping features, and writing an alternative custom user interface to allow using it without command line arguments (which can't be used in Mac OS 9 using a SIOW Macintosh Programmer's Workshop app), I got everything to work on Mac OS 8-9.

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