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looking for ADC male to DVI female adapter

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Please Help

I'm looking for ADC male to DVI female adapter like this:

Anyone konks where can I find it to buy ? thanks

Sadly for you, that item is the prime example of "unobtanium".
Those were no longer made as of at least 10 years ago and they were scarce to begin with.
Your next idea would be to make an adapter cable yourself. That's when you discover that you can easily find the female DVI and the cable but the male ADC simply doesn't exist.

There are two solutions:
1) Find and buy a cheap Apple 17" ADC Studio Display or even a Cinema if you can find one cheap. They turn up occasionally and even a defective one is OK… better actually because you can get it for almost nothing. Cut the cable off and solder on a female DVI. The pinouts are below. Be careful you don't get them backwards. You actually need the mirror-image of the "attach ADC monitor to PC DVI".

2) Find a decent compatible video card with 2 DVI's out or whatever it is you need. I can't say which specifically since you didn't specify what you have. You'll either find a compatible one (easy) or have to flash a PC card (harder but doable).

This is one of the little joys of working with "obsolete" stuff.


thanks for your attention with my request !
thanks for valuable information !!

my best regards

I doubt the OP is still looking, but there are these on ebay at the moment:

ps Not a bot :)

$ 45.90 each………OUCH!  But, they're still getting bought up. Get 'em while they exist…


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