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Mac OS 9.2 and Wacom?


I've got a new blueberry clamshell iBook.
It suddenly occurred to me to test if Wacom Graphire 4 from early 2000s would work with it; It works with my iMac G4 which with OSX of course has native support for tablets, but officially the leaflet with Graphire 4 says that (the drivers) are for Macintosh 10.2.8 or later. Well, I tested anyway and the pen does work like a mouse, and I can click with it. It's not ideal because the pen has to be kept quite close to the tablet in order to move the cursor at all, but I was wondering, are there any solutions to improving the functionality of a slightly too recent tablet on an OS9? Perhaps some aftermarket solutions, even user-made drivers? Just trying to make the most out of the gear!


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