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Show Us some of your music or video Work

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I found serial on the Unitor to be a bit tighter on Cubase, just had to have another DAW clocked to it for multi tracking.

Got a Keyspan Serial card and will see how much more I like it on OS9. Might not work as well in OSX though.

Having audio and midi in one box is nice because it lines up really close to the midi notes. Haven’t really had that level of tightness previously.

Unfortunately the SXPRO card has no MIDI driver for OSX. It''s fabulous in OS9.


--- Quote from: coachla on July 13, 2021, 12:41:02 AM ---Unfortunately the SXPRO card has no MIDI driver for OSX. It''s fabulous in OS9.

--- End quote ---

What settings do you use for your SX cards? I keep getting MIDI overload messages from OMS and the option of “Forget Port or Reset Port”

So I am going to start making a few videos and posting them to youtube.

I wrote this original this weekend and used to G4 with OS 9 and the "Crystal synth" and then thew the tracks to the Mac Pro in Logic X,

Let me know what you guys think, also changing my vocal style to a little bit "Lemme" ish


Nice, man. I take it you're into Zecharia Sitchin or something?  ;)


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