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Good evening. I need to open old projects in Nuendo 1.5, but my CD is badly scratched. Can anyone make a Nuendo 1.5 ISO for PC? Thanks in advance to everyone who will help.

1.x existed for windows?

Yes, white LPT key.

aha, and it even looked the same (i love the GUI and the haptics a lot) - i always thought it only exists for OS9 and IRIX.

i actually just found nuendo 2 or 3 for my friend who was actually searching for it for a very very long time
so long that he forgot why he was looking for it! lol

not sure this will help you or not, it is for XP + OSX,7222.msg10122.html#msg10122

no sign of v1.x unfortunately as of yet
id like a copy of it if it pops up - for my records


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