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Now I convert it first to a binary format. This is 4 to 5 times smaller. This is processed about 7 times faster.

why is your macos so huge in RAM?

The IDs are 64-bit numbers. If I renumber them starting from 0 then I can use 32-bit numbers. This is faster and saves space. Then I can use arrays for the coordinates and the bounding boxes. This is faster and saves space.

The renumbering requires that it builds a tree with unused ID intervals. I have around 1 interval for every 3.5 objects. That uses all this memory.

First preview.

Current speeds:
- Convert OSM: 5 MB/s (converts XML to binary format).
- Check OMS: 11 MB/s (dumps statistics and values for K and V).
- Convert OMS: 2 MB/s (converts binary format to XML).
- Filter OMS: 8 MB/s (deletes unwanted tags and tags with empty values).
- Renumber OMS: 7 MB/s (renumbers the IDs sequentially starting from 0).

All programs work with 10 MB of memory, except Renumber OMS needs 40 MB and more is better. Then it requires less passes.

I fixed the dialog boxes in these programs. They have now documentation and new icons.


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