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Sound Designer II SC? (for SampleCell)



It seems like there was a version of Sound Designer II made specifically for the SampleCell.  I've seen photos of it in eBay auctions, where the seller is including it with the NuBus card for sale.

I can't find this software anywhere. 

I understand the legacy of Sound Designer II, with Digidesign pulling the plug and wanting to move on ... but it seems to be a very useful or needed companion to SampleCell Editor 68k, and without it, I think I'm missing out...?


Have you tried regular 2.8.3? I think it talks to SampleCell, but I'm not sure.

As far as I know, all the integration is for is getting samples to and from the card, so it's a little more convenient than using the regular editor to upload sounds, but doesn't add extra functionality as such.


--- Quote from: rvense on May 04, 2021, 09:06:00 AM ---Have you tried regular 2.8.3? I think it talks to SampleCell, but I'm not sure.

--- End quote ---

Yes.  I have tried every flavor I can find, but none seem to have the SC integration.  Still looking for "Sound Designer IISC" which seems to have this integration, just as "TurboSynth SC" has the integration.  Hmm.


afaik you need a sound accelerator ii nubus card, a quad interface hooked up to it and a samplecell nubus and youre good to go

what special version?

i will be getting 10 additional samplecell nubus cards

does anyone know if i can connect 3x 12 slot expansion chassis to my 8100?

i would like to fill one with samplecells, the other with disk io and the 3rd with dspfarm only.


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