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Modern CD-R discs recommendations that work well on older Burners


I have been making software restore/install discs for my classic G3 iMacs, G4 PowerMac, G4 iMac etc, and have run into a problem.  Most, if not all of the newer discs (Verbatim, Maxell, Sony) just wont work on the older drives in those Macs, they fail to burn for some reason or another, even though the drives are very healthy working drives.  At the same time when I use some of my old stock CD-R's from the 2000's, I have no problem at all.  I seem to remember a problem with the higher speed burning ability of the newer discs being part of the problem.  Does anyone know of a brand that still works OK?
I do have a workaround by burning the disks with modern Macs with modern drives, but I'd rather burn directly from these old computers if possible.

Tested to work:
Imation CD-R 80 52x, but read that there is text Compatible with all drives from 1x to 52x, there is also version without that text.
Prodye Titanium V8 8x DVD-R, the only DVD-R that I have found work with Powerbook G4 Ti DVD-R burner (it is 1x).

Also Ricoh and Rimax CD-Rs works, but I am not sure if they are still works.

I have tested many Sonys and none of them newer fully worked with Macs not even Macbook Pro always verify finds error.

There is more expensive TDK CD-R Audio and Maxell CD-R Music disks that support 1x burning and they should work every
burners and you can burn data to those disk also.

If you don't find those CD-Rs, test CD-R that has information about speed like 1x - 52x not text like 52x. And lower max speed you have
more possible that it work. And always burn low write speed, but some drivers actually best burning is not 1x it might some times 4x or 8x, although
they can support up to 16x or more.

I have my backup archive, older of 30+ years, on Kodak Gold and Traxdata Gold CDs and all are still readable in my CD-Readers.
I don't know if gold CDs are still sold, but if yes they are surely the best purchase you can do.

P.S. I'm curious to know how is the 'Audiophile 24-Karat-Gold CD Rohling', a little expensive, but maybe very good.


--- Quote --- CD-R Music disks that support 1x burning and they should work every burners
--- End quote ---

Got my vote, "Music" Cd blanks seem to always work; the Memorex (30 Pack) say "40X" and are labeled as "Memorex Music CD-R" and they seem to burn at slower speeds without issue.  They were made for stand-alone CD Recorders, but work well on G4s

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