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MIDI monitor app?


I'm running Mac OS 9.2, using OMS and a MIDI Translator II interface.  I want to be able to inspect the MIDI output coming from an application, and destined for output through the MIDI interface.  Much like you can do in OS X using the excellent MIDI Monitor application from Snoize.  Is there an application out there for OS 9 that would allow me to do the same thing?

Thanks in advance!

There is almost nothing like that pre-OSX… except:
Somebody at Kurzweil wrote this for their own use and freed it into the wild waaay back when - like System 7 days.
It worked well then. I seem to remember (not certain) that it didn't work quite so well on later OS9 PPC machines… but
All you can do is try.

It's called MIDIScope 1.5
Good luck.


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