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Frontal Lobotomy with SPD error

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I recently performed a frontal lobotomy on my G4 (QS early 2002 M8666LL/A -please see screen shot for system details), by purchasing a very similar parts machine G4 on Ebay that had dual 1 Ghz processors on the daughter board (M8667LL/A). Grounded myself, never touched the RAM sticks in either machine, and swapped the daughter board and heatsink in the 'parts Mac' for the same parts in my G4. At first my G4 came down with a case of silicon lockjaw... froze on startup, time bombs, etc. Showed an extension conflict with MacPortrait driver, which I disabled. Zapped PRAM, ran Disk First Aid. Still freezing on startup. Ran DIMM First Aid which showed that my "DIMM checks out okay," but that the "SPD data revision is old or incorrect" on both RAM sticks. Prior to the double lobotomy day, I had no performance problems at all. What seems odd is that the problem is gradually getting better. Is it possible that the SPD modules (chips) on my RAM are learning how to behave from the new processors? Still getting the "Built in memory test has detected a problem" error on startup, so I turned off the startup memory test (it is annoying). Other symptoms like crashes and freezing have cleared, and performance is great aside from the memory test error. Everything looks normal in System Profiler. Ordered all-new 1.5 Gigs of new RAM, for good measure (it is on the way). Anybody have any idea what "SPD data revision is old or incorrect" means, or how it will effect life as I know it?
UPDATE: Turned off memory test and rebuilt the desktop today. Annoying error message is still there on startup.

Anybody out there familiar with the app Dimm First Aid and error message "SPD data revision is old or incorrect?" Causing memory test error on startup. Thnx.

Update: RAM upgrade today. Installed all new RAM 1.5 Gb. Still getting the annoying memory error message on startup. Suspect that this is a firmware issue. Need to learn how to upgrade firmware in OS 9.2.2.... Everything works flawlessly in 10.5.8 and 10.2, also installed on my G4.

Your firmware version 4.33f2 is fine. Of the 3 QS’es here:
an 867, a 1GHz, and a 1.67GHz (with a Sonnet processor
- thanks again Tugboat) they’re all 4.3.3f2. (Rev B boards)

Tarnish, oxidation and even corrosion inside the RAM slots is possible.
Check linked thread below for possible relevant measures… including
the Apple QS Diagnostic CD download AND Apple Hardware Test.
OS 9 seems a bit more sensitive about possible dirty RAM slots.

You could simply try switching the order of the sticks a few times,
as un-seating and re-seating the RAM can also improve connection.
But slot cleaning might be the next step. Unplug the machine and
press the power button several times to bleed remaining power
before carefully cleaning the slots with alcohol or contact cleaner.

After cleaning RAM slots… and running diagnostics, if problem
still persists, you might try a nice clean fresh install of OS 9.2.2. -
a la Hail Mary!

Is your QS motherboard a REV-A or REV-B?

Hello, If the RAM slots were dirty or corroded (I did use air duster on them with new RAM install) wouldn't I also see errors in 10.5 and 10.2 which are installed on a partition and on another drive? Also, could you please elaborate a bit on the Motherboard revision? Not sure what you are driving at there. Is it supposed to be the same revision as the Daughterboard? Thnx!


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