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Syncing another DAWs

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Has somebody synced more than two DAWS together slaving them to Mac OS 9 Mac?
All ideas about Wordclock, ADAT Sync, SMPTE and Midi sync/transport control are welcome.

Is something I would like to test someday! Maybe you can use SPDIF too as it includes his clock signal!

For many many years I used all different kinds of methods to get things synced, both to and from os9 machines. It "worked", mostly, but there were frequently problems, weird glitches, things like that.
Finally I got a good deal on an apogee big ben, I have been using that 3-4 years now and, to paraphrase, "it just works."
Flawlessly, every time. The only issue I run into is when I set buffers too low and the machines can't keep up. Otherwise zero issues.

Reviving teroyk's post...

Syncing DAWs SEEMS like such a great idea and would open up all kinds of options. A few years back I started down that path to synch a few DAWs together... I ran into a road block, got distracted by other things and never quite got it going ::). I'm planning on revisiting soon.

So who here is doing this type of thing and what exactly are you up to??

I've been doing all audio for the past decade or so but plan on incorporating midi once again.

Currently using ProTools but why not add a synched Cubase, Logic, VI's, Effects, or whatever other rig into the mess??? ;D

Also want to sync some reel to reel in there (which I haven't  done since my Mac Plus days! ;D)

Of coarse I'll have to order a BARREL of Excedrine from Amazon!!

what people were dooing in 1996 is running cubase 3.5 with audio turned off, along protools 3 TDM, because protools did not yet have any midi.

later, when rewire came, you could send audio e.g. from reason to a DAW or something.

i hate both, and i also hated to run 2 copies of cubase using that system link nonsense.


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