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turn a lowbie Digital Audio >> Dual 1ghz Quicksilver - cpu compatible!



--- Quote ---I just put a Dual 1GHz CPU in My Digital Audio Machine and it works great with the L3 cache and everything.
--- End quote ---

according to a post here, he turned a Digtial Audio 466 into a QS Dual 1Ghz with 12v to 4th leg hack
and it works flawless!

thats a pretty big performance jump!!
going from geekbench 314 -> 854
must be the best going most worthwhile upgrade to do if u already have a low mhz Digital Audio g4

I did that too on my G4 466. The worst is the original DA 466 graphics card. Ati Rage 128, a good card for 98-99  but trash in 2001-2002


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