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There is Sigma Photo Pro 2.1 for Mac OS 9:
With that version you can "darkroom" X3F-Raws (SD raws) to Tiffs, but only raws from Sigma SD9 and SD10 cameras, it also can preview SD14 raws, but crash to edit.

I think that SD14 support comes with version 2.2. And I think version 2.3 is last version for Mac OS 9.
And these version was short time available for free between May 2007-June 2008, but needed login with serial number of camera and that is reason that you cannot find it in

Interesting version comparison found from:

Item                                                                                      SPP3.0   SPP2.3
New image processing code (including a new AWB algorithm)   No   Yes
File loading speed                                                                Slow   Moderate

So it seems that last Sigma Photo Pro Mac OS 9 version is newer than first Mac OS X version.


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