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Poll, who wants a install CD for Early iBook G4's?

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I've been working on a ROM for @RossDarker to compile us a new install/restore CD/DVD for the Early iBook G4's. I've run into a bit of a pickle, the 7457 that came in the Original iBook G4 doesn't support DFS, so the script I use for the 7447a iBooks to set-dfs-high will cause the Original iBook G4 with the 7457 to stop executing the ROM.

Can I use a Bootscript in the Mac OS ROM to check the model and make an if case for the 7447a without effecting the 7455?

Basically I need to check if we are running on PowerBook6,3 then do nothing with DFS, but if we are running on PowerBook6,5 then set-dfs-high. I could also check the cpu-version property, but I'd need the same if cases.

Maybe if I gave one ROM the PowerBook6,3 compatible property and another ROM the PowerBook6,5 compatible property, and we put both in the System Folder of our boot/install CD/DVD, Open Firmware would pick the correct one?

That really doesn't seem like a good solution, nor does making a separate install DISC for the Original iBook G4, as that's twice as much work on Ross.

The last alternative would be to do nothing with DFS, and just add a user's note to set-dis-high in Open Firmware before booting when they want to run the CPU at full speed, or just leave them the option to install the Mac OS ROM that set-dis-high?




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Seems Ross ended up with the PowerBook,6,3, that would be the original iBook G4 with the 7457 CPU.

The ROM I've been using on my iBook G4( PowerBook6,5 ) doesn't seem to work on the 6,3, I suspect that I was using the Mac mini branch with the patches for the Mini with a 7447a with a custom prim_info string and the THERM register patch.

I think the 7457 likely doesn't need that THREM register patch, and maybe preventing booting.

iMac really started all this ROM hacking and OS 9 booting on unsupported systems with a iBook, and I think that was the 6,3, so we may end up with needing two install discs, not my preferred solution, but I doubt we can make an if case for a patch like the THERM register patch.

Ross, give this ROM a try:


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