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Poll, who wants a install CD for Early iBook G4's?

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I've asked RossDarker to put us together an install CD/DVD for OS 9 on the Early iBook G4's.

If you'd like to see such a thing, please chime in here so we can gage interest in the project.

For those that don't know Ross maintains the install CD for OS 9 on the Mini, and it's a great success, and I think Ross would do one for the early iBook G4's if he knew people would find it useful.

Maybe, we could put together a group of people willing to make a small donation so that we can buy and ship an early iBook G4 to Ross for testing, these things can normally be had for $35 or less, plus the costs of shipping.

So, who is in?

I'm in, and would be willing to purchase, or donate to the purchase of an iBook for Ross, if we can get some other small donations to cover the costs of shipping.

I'm in...

What's the difference between an "early" iBook g4 vs the mid 2005 iBook? I just bought a mid-2005 to give it a try.

Is this to make it for the 7455 or the 7447a? I have a 7447a I canít get 9 to boot on that I really want to use as my portable 9 machine.


--- Quote from: Eason85 on February 18, 2021, 09:15:40 AM ---What's the difference between an "early" iBook g4 vs the mid 2005 iBook? I just bought a mid-2005 to give it a try.

--- End quote ---

The Early iBook G4's (2003/Early 2004/Late 2004) Range from 800Mhz/933Mhz/1.0Ghz G4 7457( 2003 ) 1.0ghz/1.2Ghz G4 7447a( Early 2004 ) 1.2Ghz/1.33ghz G4 7447a( late 2004 ) and all share the Radeon 9200 Mobility graphics, supported by OS 9 with our hacked drivers. Where as the mid 2005 uses the Radeon 9550 graphics and can only be used in 'NDRV'( screen resolution and bit depth changing only ).

Technically, the R9200 is the same GPU as the Radeon 8500/9000 when it comes to driver support, it's just a binary patch to add device ID's to the OS 9 drivers and a special 'NDRV' we took from OS X and packaged for OS 9.

The 9550 is of the family of the R9600/R9700 and there were never any OS 9 driver for us to hack, so no 2D/3D graphics acceleration is ever going to be written for OS 9 without a complete rewrite of OS 9's graphics stack. Never likely to happen, because Apple won't share the documentation.

The other major difference between the Early iBook G4's and the Mid 2005 is the ADB trackpad vs the USB Trackpad. The USB trackpad is a non standard HID device and has no OS 9 drivers, and no OS X drivers in versions of OS X that shipped before mid 2005. It does have linux drivers, so it would be relatively trivial to write an OS 9 driver for it. The USB Trackpad will work by removing USB drivers, but then you lose USB functionality, and the trackpad still tracks the screen way too slow to be used.

BlueTooth and Wifi don't work on either model, no drivers.

Sleep doesn't work on either model, no documentation on Apple's K2 chipset, and no documentation on OS 9's Power Stack, tho I think we can get Hibernation to file to work in lieu of proper sleep under OS 9.

USB only works in USB1.1 mode, no driver for USB2 under OS 9. Again, relatively trivial to write driver for OS 9.


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