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programmatically creating folders

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i am looking for a simple solution how to create a bunch of new folders by just typing a name in, then press return (or similar)

OS9 and/or OSX PPC

Not sure if this is a solution for you...
I wrote a app some years ago which generates compex folder sets. Wildcards and color labels included.
It looks like this:

User interface is in german. Basically a FileMaker DB-File with some AppleScript code.
It works fine (I use it 10 - 20 times / month since the last 15 years without problems) but has some minor bugs in the UI. If you are interested I may look over the bugs again and would write an english version...

german is no problem. :)

it looks nice, how you create subfolders there? using tab?

Iím looking for something like that too.

What would be the ideal solution? Is there a good program for Windows that we can imitate?


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