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Roland/Dynaware Ballade 1.11 with OMS and OMS Midi Manager Converter


MacTron posted Ballade years ago to the Macintosh Garden. I know he also posted it here...

I want to know how to use the included OMS Midi Manager Converter tool included in that archive. I double click on it, but it says I have to have Midi Manager installed before I can use the converter! I'm trying to keep a clean setup without having to use Apple's Midi manager. I'll be honest but I don't know exactly how to have the perfect setup, and whether I'm worrying about nothing.

My setup is as follows:

* Quadra 660AV running System 7.6.1
* MACMAN midi interace with 1 MIDI in and 3 outs, connected to the modem port
* Roland SoundCanvas SD-35 connected to the MACMAN out1, audio going to my stereo amp
* OMS (latest version) tested and working. It can 'test' play notes to the SoundCanvas no problem
So how do I properly use Ballade with OMS?
I was about to test the newer archive MacTron posted on the forums to see if it's any different than the Macintosh Garden one, but haven't yet.

Just an update - I installed the newer archive from this forum and installed Apple's MIDI Manager v2.0.2 and Ballade now works great. I'm still curious if there is any workaround, but perhaps the idea is pointless if there is no harm in running both the MIDI Manager and OMS together.


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