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A couple of "Can I do this" type questions.


Hi all - Before I go ahead and do something that might damage a machine, I thought I'd ask for a little advice.

The other day I picked up an 8600 that had a couple of neat upgrades.  It had an xlr8 g3 450 card and a VST UltraTek-66 Ide Card in it.  I am thinking of throwing the xlr8 card into my 9600 to use with ProTools but I'm wondering if I can put the 9600 CPU into the 8600 without damaging the 8600. 

My second question has to do with the xlr8 card itself.  It looks as though it's a ZIF mounting for the G3 chip.  Does anybody know if I could pop a G4 into that spot?  That would give me an interesting 9600 ... serial ports & G4 speeds. 


Yes and yes, though I'd suggest doing research in case there may be some kind of firmware update needed to put a g4 in the zif adapter.

Thanks!  I appreciate the advice!



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