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Photoshop - commas instead of dots?


I noticed that my copy of photoshop, when making a new canvas, has commas replacing the dots/periods for the dimensions. Now that I think of it, it also defaults to cm instead of in. Maybe I got a British/international English version of photoshop?

But back to the comma and decimal point thing. If Iím putting in a decimal, like a standard US Letter 8.5x11 canvas, Iíd expect it to be just a . and not a ,. But photoshop wonít allow me to use a . at all. I think Iíve seen over the years people in Europe using commas for decimals. Is that how you guys do it over there?

PS/off topic: I wonder why the US has a Letter and a Small Letter option in the page setup thing for printing...

Yes, some parts of Europe use a different notation for the thousand and decimal separators.

e.g. 1,234.5 in UK would be 1.234,5 in Germany.

No experience with Photoshop, this is normally handled in the Numbers control panel.


--- Quote from: ovalking on October 14, 2020, 04:28:57 AM ---e.g. 1,234.5 in UK would be 1.234,5 in Germany.

--- End quote ---

Oh..I thought that every where in Europe is this way 1 234,5 or 1234,5 (without any spaces under 1 000 000)
..but ok..UK might be exception many ways.

with the exception for text processing and clock apps entering floats using dots a denominator (and not german commas) should be standard, because when it doesnt, the user would have a computer where it is different in every app.

the way how you have to enter numbers is some programs from adobe / macromedia is questionable IMHO.

but to be honest, using periods is not even standard in programming languages, it sometimes depends on the context. in conjunction with math it is mostly, in other situations not.


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