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Study ProTools Free (No Digi Hardware) RTAS folder

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--- Quote from: daddyjeff on March 14, 2023, 10:24:50 PM ---
To me one of the tools that I like the most in Pro Tools is Strip Silence.

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I don't normally use this plug but it seems like there are many uses for it... I'll start playing around with it. Thanks for the recommendation daddyjeff! ;D

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Yes, it really seems insignificant, but when it comes to editing things it is very versatile.

It also allows you to rename clips so you don't get lost in the file list.

It is not a RTAS / Audiosuite plugin, it is more of an internal processor module. It is included in the Pro Tools menu, it is also accessed by pressing the command+U key in Pro Tools 5 Le, i don't know if PT 3 free had that.  :-\

I think is more of a legacy tool from the age when you had less than 20 GB of Hard drives to have space for more than 2 projects on the machine.

Surely taking it to the extreme is a good chopper for loops, making it easy to take the slices (hits/notes) you want from loops, but the "tab to transient" seems more suited for this


The article is from 2005. Will check if it is a TDM/LE only function or a Protools 6 addon


--- Quote from: Protools5LEGuy on March 15, 2023, 02:11:50 PM ---

The article is from 2005. Will check if it is a TDM/LE only function or a Protools 6 addon

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Yes, of course, I didn't find any of protools 3 (which belongs to the free version without hardware) nor any article for Pro Tools 5 Le. Total I have the same thing in my version 5 for digi001.

That's why I'm here as a Pro Tools 5 Le user where I use strip silence, and I'm asking if the PT3 free version has this tool.

that's it, although nobody seems to have PT free installed, to verify it, because many users who are not arrangers overlook this super simple and versatile tool that makes it a very important lack for Pro Tools free when editing regions or audio clips on tracks.  -afro-


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