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Converting old SVCD

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Hi folks,
this is my first posting here, though MacOS9Lives has been a great help during the last years just by reading.
So at first thank you all!
Now I have a question, not a big problem, but maybe there's a smarter solution than mine:
I have a lot of old SVCDs from the late 90ies sitting in the shelves (captured/burned with PC/DVD-Master).
Luckily I found software for PPC (MacVCD) to watch them now (up to full-screen) and I was also successful to re-record the full-screen-video via video-/audio-out to an eyeTV-box then to another PPC-Mac for recording.
Well, video quality didn't suffer noticably by this - it was abysmal anyway, compared to the todays standard. But it has been a bit time consuming.
Is there any software solution to convert this strange SVCD/MPEG2 video-codec to anything, that can be viewed with current video-players?

i would do it in OSX (if you have that on your PPC), VLC and toast 7 or 8(?) should be able to do it.

but try quicktime player first, quicktime pro(!) in OS9, that is.

you should also try if your player app would also read mounted image files. then you just have to copy the CDs to image files.

Have you seen this site?

Nice avatar, btw  :)

Thanks guys, so there's something to start with during my coming holidays.  :)


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