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Object-oriented TextEdit replacement
« on: October 06, 2020, 11:20:38 AM »
I search a TextEdit replacement written in C++ with classes. Roy Wood, the writer of TE32K, claimed that there have been several object-oriented TextEdit replacements.

         The TE32K TextEdit Replacement

            by Roy Wood
             122 Britannia Avenue
           London, Ontario, Canada
              N6H 2J5

             (519) 438-3177, rrwood@canrem.uucp


Introduction             - What's this darn thing good for?
Legal Stuff               - Oh, no....
Using TE32K               - How do I use it anyway?
TE32K Data Structures      - What's a TE32KRec?
TE32K Interface Calls      - I have to do what?!?!?!
TE32K Demo               - Make me a believer!
TE32K Version History      - In the beginning....
The Future               - Vapourware-wannabe stuff


TE32K is designed to be a more-or-less plug in replacement for the Macintosh Toolbox TextEdit package.  The major difference between the two editor packages is that TE32K allows for the manipulation of text-files LARGER than 32K.  There are a few other differences as well, most of which are shortcomings due to laziness on my part, but since this source code is provided to you gratis, please feel free to modify it in whatever twisted way your warped little heart desires.  If you do improve it in any way, please be kind enough to share your work with the rest of us (i.e. send me a copy so I can keep track of TE32K's current state of evolution!).

Note that TE32K is written as a non-OOP C program.  If this is not what you're interested in, I suggest you take a look at the many excellent OOP TextEdit replacement class libraries available via FTP, none of which I can remember the names or locations of right now. (though I do recall that Chris Wysocki wrote one, and I *think* I saw it at, but don't hold me to that)

I wrote TE32K since I needed it for rnMac, a Macintosh newsreader I wrote.  Well, I didn't really need it, but it was nice to have, and I wasn't doing anything one afternoon, so.....


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