Author Topic: Will this SATA card be flashable for OS 9 or require a different ROM chip?  (Read 1745 times)

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So I was thinking about getting a LSI Logic SER523 SATA card to use in my Power Mac G4 seeing as it has the SiI3112 chipset (3 of them actually) and would operate at 64 bit instead of 32 bit like all the other cards I found would do. But I specifically wanted to get it so I could run OS 9 and I've been reading a lot on how people have gotten these things to run and how they have to have very specific EEPROM chips in order to function and not just size and they include Pm39LV040, MX29LV040 and Am29LV040B. So looking at the card I'm interested in, I've included some pictures and I'm not exactly sure which chip is the EEPROM or if there happens to be 2 different ones on it. The column of chips seems to be RAM for RAID so I've narrowed it down to the 2 biggest ones aside from those. They read LH28F800BVHE-BIL90 and ZMD U634H256SC 25 Z 0308 so I'm wondering if this card has the potential for working in OS 9 the way it is just by being flashed with the proper firmware or if I'll need to solder a different chip. If that's the case, which chip would be best for this? I've seen the only one that has the same number of pins of any of the chips on this board is the Am29LV040B which I found here: and even that one doesn't seem to be the standard form for that chip. So if someone has any idea on what I should do, any help would be great! I also found this very generic SATA card with a SiI3112 chip on it that happens to have a 7 pin by 9 pin ROM chip which is much more standard for the supported chips so I'm wondering if going for this one would be the better option and then I would just solder a Am29LV040B which I can buy for pretty cheap.


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