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Opening jpg files in SimpleText?


I have only a few images here and there on my system, and the jpeg files I do have all open in photoshop. There have been some other images Iíve stumbled upon that open in simpletext so Iím wondering if simpletext could handle the bulk of my images. Iím guessing it would only support simple jpeg files and not much else though. Iím kinda tired of having photoshop, a bulky program, load the images when a simple, light viewer like simpletext is all I need.

there is simpleimage (or at leaast there was with OS8) but it has the disadvantage of having a strict size limit for documents, and if you hit the border it might just freeze the system.

otherwise you are supposed to use quicktimeplayer for that.

i hate both. my preview app is photoshop, too.

GraphicConverter is still called "poor man's Photoshop", and while I don't like it for photo editing, it is quite good for viewing and converting graphics to alternate formats.

An OS 9 version is available. It is much smaller than Photoshop and opens very quickly.

I use GraphicConverter a lot, but for a quick look Shomi (shareware) does the job perfectly. Stick an alias on your desktop.


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