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I just got a pretty good deal on a QS that seems to either need a HDD or new PRAM battery. I plan on using it with a DIGI 001 with Pro Tools 5.1 for a classic DAW setup. I know the 733 doesn't have the L3 cache while the 867 does. I once put a 500Mhz G4 in my B&W G3 and it worked fine without any fuss. Am I correct to assume the same with this swap? I would love a 933 but all I can find on the bay are 867s for the QS.

yes, you can swap those processor cards. i think you could also use the 2002 ones, it is the same connector and bus speed.

for certain applications it makes a huge difference.

wait a moment until someone might have to correct me before you plug it in.

i DO have a 733 with a 867 card from my recent leftover-components-assembly, but i cant remember if i already booted it.

Thanks for the quick answer! But yeah, I saw that the 733s couldn’t handle audio and video stuff too well so I knew I had to bump the cpu up. Sadly 867 is the fastest I could find for sale that would fit mine, everything else was for the MDD. At least it has the cache though.

Well I'm extra glad I bought an 867Mhz CPU for it because the one it came with was weird. It actually had a 867Mhz CPU in it but it had no L3 cache! Once I took it out and put the new one in I cleaned off the old one and saw that it was actually labeled as a 933Mhz. So a 933 chip reading as an 867 with physically missing L3 cache as the two larger ICs beside the actual CPU are missing compared to my correct 867Mhz. Anyone know what's up with this thing? Some kind of low end "upgrade" card or something?

Well I think I might have figured it out. It seems they made a 2003ED Quicksilver that had a cacheless 867Mhz CPU so it might have been from one of those. I guess be careful if you are looking for a 867 for a Quicksilver so you don't get unlucky like this guy's previous owner.


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