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Looking for 90's era website creation software (resolved!)

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hi everyone, I am looking to make a website that feels like it came from the mid 90's..   years back I remember buying a web building cd rom i bought at CompUSA (remember those guys?) and I remember really liking it.  It got me up and running without having to do any HTML... it was kinda like a layman Dreamweaver.. 

Anywho, I believe I got the software circa late 90's and no longer have the disk.  Does anyone recall any products that might itch that scratch?  I know i could make an old looking site with newer tools but I'm kinda enjoying the thought of using super outdated PC/Mac software to achieve the goal..   

Thanks in advance for any tips / advise you might have.

think Captain Marvel, but maybe not that good.. :)


Was it any of these?

I know Netscape was sold in retail back then and had Composer built in. Frontpage also had a Mac retail release. PageMill and Claris were ones I remember as well.

no but those are classic ones for sure!   actually i did just find (and bought) a copy of the software i was thinking of..   
Cosmi Website builder

thanks for your help!  :)

Funny that you mention this! I'm actually close to finishing a website builder exactly for this purpose - and compatible with Internet Explorer 5 + the latest Classilla. If you don't find anything feel free to message me and I can get it sorted for you within a month or so once everything's finished. The only costs involved are Hosting ($15NZD/month) and domain registration, but free domains are available if you don't need a custom one.

Oops I just saw your last message. Nice one!!

Sure, it would be interesting to see what you have in mind. 

that is an interesting point.  i'd never thought about testing the site on OS9 era browsers and such.. 

The Cosmi Website Builder is Windows Only as a program and that's ok as I'm running parallels on my normal mac and use windows at work..  but yea i'm definitely going to have to test the site on OS9 and early OSX systems now.. heh. 


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