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Trying to find ORCA from fxpansion

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Ahoy! I'v been looking for this vst/au plugin for a year now. It was free and universal binary. It have now disappeared from the internet. The only version I found so far is windows based  :o

ORCA was fxpansion showcasting their new modeling technology. If one of you have this nice little synth hidden away on a hard drive, sharing would be much appreciated !

Heres an article:
Youtube video:

i probably have it somewhere, but wasnt it timelimited for 12 months or something?


--- Quote from: IIO on August 03, 2020, 05:31:17 PM ---i probably have it somewhere, but wasnt it timelimited for 12 months or something?

--- End quote ---

Interesting, I absolutely dont know. I dont recall reading this anywhere. On the windows version I tested, theres was no mention of a 12months limited license. I'l be glad to test it on my mac if you find it :D

Thx a lot

on some CDs and DVDs of old magazines "computer music" and "music of the future" had this synthesizer.

It is also available on this website, only in vst format, I think it never came out for AU format.  -afro-


Orca is an experimental monosynth built to showcase some new technology that FXpansion has been developing.

"Orca has a simple subtractive synthesis structure, being comprised of an oscillator, filter, fixed amp envelope, velocity sensitive filter envelope and an amp module. The monophonic voice engine in Orca runs at twice the hosts sample rate to reduce the aliasing caused by the non-linear analog modeling of the filter and amp modules. A voice priority of newest note is used, and every new note re-triggers the amp and filter envelopes."

ask the dev write him an email


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