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looking for OS9 software that will burn .cue / .bin files

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maybe my memory is failing me and it only works in OSX. (myself i use toast 6/8/10 in OSX and not v5.x)

if you have windows around, there are various free tools such as bin2iso something which makes this a bit easier.

Those 3DO image files are a tough cookie. Apparently Panasonic used their own file system, so copying/burning them should be similar to working with Akai sample CDs or Playstation stuff. Also, they won't mount under Mac OS.
I downloaded one of the .bin/.cue combos just for kicks and here are the results:
1. AnyToISO utility (OSX) recognised the .bin file but was unable to convert it to ISO.
2. Toast 9 under OSX recognised both files.
3. Toast 5.2.3 under OS9 did not recognise any of the files.
4. Toast 4.1.3 did see the .bin file (see attached), but ignored .cue file.
Judging by the .cue file, which is just a text file, btw, the discs have 2352 byte sector size, which was correctly identified by Toast 4.
I'd say give it a go and to try to burn a CD with Toast 4.

P.S. DDP =

interesting. that makes a lot of sense.. that the burning wasn't so much the issue but the packet sizes being not consistent making the 3DO have to re-read a lot of information.  I'll try Toast 4 for sure!   It does look like my Super Drive will go as low as x4 burning on  Quicksilver so that's a double benifit.  The main thing now is to convert all of these .img files to .bin because it seems like all of the 3DO files were zip as cue/img files

I'll report back with news.  Thankfully i don't have a lot of games to burn but i definitely have some missing games from my original collection that were due to loss/damage. 


Also i did try out Burn 2.5.1 however when running on leopard and with the SuperDrive at x4 or x8 (only options) disks that did burn under latest OSX Burn failed to write under 2.5.1 for whatever reason so that solution won't work.

Toast 4 it is! 

having a heck of a time trying to convert .img files to .bin   so far powerISO and anyburn won't do it.. maybe because it's a 3DO image. 

So the recommendation is to try Toast 4 to burn it?   Fortunately I do have a powerbook 190 and SCSI adapter and a x4 SCSI CD Burner..  so with a little luck it all will "just work". 

BONUS QUESTION: could a G3 powerbook be "downgraded" to run OS 7.5?    I have a OS 8 G3 Powerbook and wonder if it would support older OS but it's not 68k tech..   Toast 4 seems to be 68k designed.. 

I also do have the Mac SE, but the floppy drive is sick (hoping to fix it this coming weekend)



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