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looking for OS9 software that will burn .cue / .bin files

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--- Quote from: part12studios on August 09, 2020, 04:26:44 PM ---yea i'm thinking more like more specialized systems like CD based game consoles..  Computers tend to have a variety of ways to move around a CD rom, though installation of the OS itself is one that's tougher to work around..

but yea i'm thinking like if my 3DO CD rom went bad or a PS1 or others, how i might fix it if i couldn't find a physically matching model

--- End quote ---

It is interesting to see that in recent months, a trend started on O.D.E. (Optical Disk Emulator) to fill in the gap of dying drives. For example:

The main issue is that it is console-specific and would require somebody ti develop or adapt one to the 3DO variant you have :)

But you can try to search about all consoles with an ODE available or rumored (in the end it will only get worse with time...).

yea there is and USB drive option for 3DO now, but unfortunately its around $250.. :P   and you still have to do the installation yourself..

I hope thought at some point maybe someone else will make something similar..   but more reasonable (i mean a new system averages 1/2 that cost)

though the flash drive would be better in other ways too like access time and convenience


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