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looking for OS9 software that will burn .cue / .bin files

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Hi everyone, I have some 3DO game console images that i need to burn.  I could do with burn for OSX but OSX Burn so far as i could find won't run under OSX Leopard. 

Looking for 10.9 or newer.  I've emailed them to see if they have legacy versions somewhere, however after trying Toast Titanium 5.3 I found it didn't seem to offer a way to read a cue file.  it just wants to make data, music or video disks.

Is there another recommended burning software package out there that anyone knows will recognize .cue / .bin files? 


Re. Burn - just go there and download whichever version you want:

2.5.1 should be OK for Leopard.

As to the bin/cue files - it sounds like you want to burn a DDP. Is it so?

Oops, .cue is not a file from the DDP file set, so forget what I wrote about the DDP.
What is it that you want to burn?

toast normally opens cue/bin, as the document type is as old as CD-R burning itself. if it is a format which can be understood by the system it can also be mounted and if it a VCD it will also directly in VLC in OSX.

what does the cue say? (open in text edit)

thank you!  @ssp3 i got reply from the creator and shared the link to that 2.5.1 so thank you for that suggestion.  i didn't know where to find download history of versions.  The author had shared that while he had OS9 dev experience, burn was OSX only so that's good to know.  I'm going to give it a try tonight.

Also anyone have any suggestions of best quality CD-R?  I must admit the disks i'm burning to concern me because i dunno, they seem like they are so think blank i can see through them already.. i seem to remember CD-Rs being not sooo translucent..  in fact when burned surprisingly i couldn't even really see the burned area from the unburned..  the image i was burning was only 350mb or so.. but the whole disk looked consistent in pattern.. and i'd even say maybe it didn't burn but the disk did play

I just knew something was wrong because all of the burned disks you could tell the poor 3DO was having to re-read a number of tracks because i assume it was having trouble making out the data.. while normal disks operated fine telling me the CD drive is ok.

Some of the 3DO files come with some extra files i'm not familiar with.   .sub .ccd as well as the .cue and .img file..    i actually don't think any of these zips come with .bin files exactly.. but i imagine the .img file is the ame since that's the file with the data.

yea @ IIO that surprised me too.. that's why i used toast..  but when i'd go to "file / open" and point to the folder with the .cue file in it, it didn't give me any files it recognized as openable.

I checked all the options in the program and nothing made me feel very confident i wasn't going to just burn a CD with the .cue in it..   in the data section if i add files .cue .img, etc.. it felt more like it's just going to burn the CD with those files in it, not actually make it an image. 

I don't know what DDP is @SSP3, but yea basically i want to burn these zip files to CD-R and do it at the slowest burn rate possible (currently all my mordern hardware only goes down to x10) so I was exploring my Quicksilver and even Sawtooth superdrive options.  I might also have a SCSI CD Burner in my external SCSI CD Rom ranks (only used to read till now, never burn) as I know those would burn at those speeds because their max read time is x4.. heh. 

I'll try that older version of burn tonight. 



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