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Recycle 2.0 - "Out of memory"


I kept running into this "out of memory" message when trying to create new samples from larger sections or normalizing large samples, so I installed another 512mb of RAM to my PowerMac for a total of 896mb. So, I borrow my usb-scsi adapter from my ibook and rip a sample from my ESI-4000 (yes, a working usb/scsi!). The sample is just over a minute and ready for chopping, but it's a little quiet, so I hit "normalize"

Again, "Out of memory! There is not enough free memory to complete the operation. Please make more memory available to ReCycle, then try again."

How could this be? How big could the sample be 10mb? 20?

I even tried to open "About ReCycle!..." and got "Not enough memory for a dialog or window"!

The "About this computer" says Recycle is using 15.7mb

What am I missing?

SOLVED. Phew! I didn't realize that OS 9 caps memory on programs. For anyone who runs into this in the future:

1. right click the application (the actual application in your applications folder, not the shortcut)
2. Click "Get Info" > "Memory"
3. Change "Preferred Size" to your desired memory allocation.

That's it! Hope this helps someone when searching. I had a hard(ish) time finding the answer.
Thanks all!


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