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The Inside Story Of The Deal That Changed The Music World

TOC | Emagic Logic's Environment | Emagic Logic Audio v3.0 | Emagic Logic Audio 3 | Emagic Logic Audio Platinum | Emagic Logic 4 | Using Sample Loops With Logic Audio | Emagic ES1 | Using Key Commands In Emagic's Logic | Emagic EXS24 | Emagic Logic Audio v4.5 | Arpeggiator Tips | Customising Multi Instruments | Transform Window | Using Folders & Screensets | Comp Performances | Touch Tracks | How To Fix Vocal Tuning; Logic Upgrade; EXS24 | Correct Timings Of Multitrack Drum Recordings | Compression Techniques | ELECTRIC AVENUE | CUTTING EDGE (hard drives) | Hyper Draw Function; Diagnose and Solve MIDI Routing Problems | YOU ARE SURROUNDED | Pro Tools 5.1.1; Transfer Songs From Emagic Logic | Automate Plug-in parameters | match your song's tempo automatically to that of a sampled loop | | Time & Pitch machine; Protecting finished tracks | Groove Templates | EMAGIC EXSP24 & EVP73

04 | Automatic Beat-slicing | Real-time Jam Sessions in Logic | Logic's Aux object | Using I/O plug-ins and compensation delay | Layering Sounds In Logic's Virtual Instruments | combine dynamics processing with delay and reverb | Marquee Tool Tips in Logic | Logic Live-style Tricks from Touch Tracks

05 | Logic: Synchronising Sequences To Live Audio | Locking Logic Sequences to a Live take | Logic: Using Transformer Objects | Logic: Using Sidechains | Catch and Link modes in Logic | Better Acoustic Guitar Recording In Logic | What does Logic v7.1 offer?


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