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I found almost all Mac OS 9 drivers for Village Tronic graphics cards:
there is also ROM-images
Betatest folder has only some files before they goto under password.

Village Tronic VTBook driver version 1.2 beta had these more than last official 1.1:
- On Mac OS 9 the control Monitor & MP is installed in order to give you more control on the display connected to the VTBook.
- The installer installs by default only the card's NDRV driver and the 2D accelerator. The OpenGL accelerator is installable as a custom or separated install.
- Please remember that OpenGL accelerator is in alpha stage: its functionality is not complete and its stability can't be assured.

Does somebody have VTBook driver 1.2 beta driver (or newer)?

I am also interested this beta driver (dead link in above link):

EDIT: because last official v.1.1 installer doesn't have driver itself, I also looking for VTBook Installer 1.0.img.sit

Any version of VTBook drivers are welcome, because I cannot find any working version.
Only version that doesn't have dead link is:
and it has only Control Panel and 2D acceleration extension, but not driver itself.

Hello, I have this VGA card adapter with the OS X drivers and OS 9 drivers.. really want to sell all this as it was a waste of 20 bucks.. anyone interested let me know.

The earliest working link I can find to VT's website download page is this one

per the description, this v1.1 of the OS9 installer contains the driver. I remember downloading the drivers for my card years ago and not having a problem with any of the OSes supported.


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