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Arboretum Hyperprism VSTs not working....just feedback

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--- Quote from: simondo3 on June 05, 2020, 09:52:52 AM ---Thanks IIO yeah got pluggo working ok thought I meet that installed for H-VST to work

I have a few different versions of Hyperprism H-VST but all give the same feedback sound. My TDM ones work great but the VSTs just feedback. Must be an extension so gonna try and sift through extensions to see if I can find the culprit

--- End quote ---

kinda scared because i was hoping for the vst ones to work on my 2 g4 rigs i just ordered.

anyone got the vsts working?

they should work in cubase, but if they do not work in your host, you have not missed much.

theres some sound designers who beg to differ
theres also some mixers who beg to differ

anyone got this working in logic?

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forget about the ring modulator... it appears to have a mind of its own, but the low pass & high pass work "ok" not great if you tweak manually/live but a bit buggy with automation etc you can work around it a little by using the controls instead of gui interface to kick in the automation (or wake it up)... but they are bit faulty.

I have found alot of the earlier vst stuff for cubase will not even load/work in logic 6.4.3..

i went the Original route, not for vst though, for tdm ppc and hyperengine


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