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Arboretum Hyperprism VSTs not working....just feedback

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Well hello fello OS9ers,

I've been a member for years but I think this is actually my first post. Hope you are all keeping well.
I'm reviving my G4 DAW rig

my problem:

So can't seem to get these Arboretum Hyperprism VST plugins to work in Logic 6.4.3 on 9.2.2

They just give me a kind of feedback not related to what is going through it.

Must be missing an essential file or maybe I need some other files to make them work

Any ideas anyone?

Thought I meet need Cycling74 pluggo installed, so did that no joy. Been doing a bit of reading. Maybe I need to install the HyperEngine? Gonna try that next

That didn't work either  :-\

Does anybody know if there are any particular extensions that would stop these plugs from working?

i dont know the files from this site but i am pretty sure that the HY´s should work in logic and do not require anything special only found in original installers. havent seens any incompatibilities either.

what´s up with pluggo? i can assist there. eventually try to turn dual processing off in host programs which support that.

Thanks IIO yeah got pluggo working ok thought I meet that installed for H-VST to work

I have a few different versions of Hyperprism H-VST but all give the same feedback sound. My TDM ones work great but the VSTs just feedback. Must be an extension so gonna try and sift through extensions to see if I can find the culprit


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