Author Topic: Problem No Audio with Apple Pro Speakers Digital Audio G4  (Read 103 times)

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Problem No Audio with Apple Pro Speakers Digital Audio G4
« on: May 25, 2020, 07:02:27 PM »
Digital Audio 533 upgraded to 1.7 G4 Sonnet
1.5 Gig Ram
Adaptec 2940U2W PCI Card
Sonnet SSD PCI adapter
Apple pro speakers


i got a strange issue that I cannot figure out. Recently after doing installation of a new SSD HD and maxing out the memory, the apple pro speakers nor headphone jack is working anymore and there is no audio coming out of either port, and whenever both the pro speakers and headphones are unplugged there is no sound from the main speaker.  I do get the startup sound from the pro speakers on startup and everything works in OS X Tiger.  I installed some games which may have downgraded the extensions and control panels but I went over them and reinstalled most of them. I am using Sound control panel 8.5.4 and apple audio manager 1.5.1 and sound sprocket 1.7.1.   When I access programs in os x classic mode, the audio works fine. Also, when using os 9.2.2 and plugging in a usb headphones, I get audio for the headphones.  When I re-plug the pro speakers or twist them around I get some static but no recognition.

Is this an extension/control panel issue where a game install downgraded a required/upgraded file or is my audio ports going out?

If I cannot resolve this, then I will have to upgrade to a USB sound stick solution, nice but does not fit on my desk.

Any ideas?