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QuickTime 6 will not load anything


Hello everyone, I'm a young OS hobbyist and I've just started tinkering with OS 9. I've been trying to get it to play videos in QuickTime 6 to no avail. I've even tried playing the sample movie and nothing will come up but an error, which can be seen below.

This is being run via SheepShaver on Windows. I know virtually nothing about OS / OS X, I'm a lifelong Windows user. I'm sorry to bother anyone, I'm in a situation I don't quite know the resolution to, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.  :)

the quicktime codecs are spread over a bunch of files in systemfolder/extensions/ and you can add a few third party codecs like ogg, divx, sorenson or avid.

you usually get messages like this when you attempt to play a codec which isnt supported at all - or not installed in the OS.

the demo video should of course play.

i know close to nothing about emulators, but the right ones are all here. ;)


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