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HD 1080p Video Editing in Mac Os 9. How To guide.

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The first thing we need to High Definition 1080p video editing in Mac Os 9, is configure the recording app in the phone to use the de video codec MPEG-4 SP (Simple Profile) instead of the Mac Os 9 unssuported H264 ( aka MPEG-AVC). If the phone camera app don't have this capability we can use the free custom camera app form Cyamogen, or other Google PlayStore Camera app like the Cinema FV-5.

Once we have the footage, it must be transfered to the Mac. One easy and fast way is to use a FTP server included in the phone. If your cellular don't have this capability you can download one from the Google PlayStore.

Once the footage is on the Mac, it is convenient to re-encode it to M-JPEG in a MOV container to be edited in Adobe Premiere.

Once the edition is completed and rendered, the timeline must be exported as a movie file.

This Movie file must be re-encoded using QuickTime Player inside a .mov (or mp4) container, using the Apple MPEG-4 vídeo codec or even better the 3ivx .

The next step is transfer the video file to the cellular phone using again the FTP method, and upload it to YouTube from here.

As is too late around here, tomorrow I'll post the final video.

Here it is the final video:

I know that there is plenty room for better quality footage and improved compression quality, but I only pretend to show basics procedures.

Good work! Cableless (wireless) ingest of files!

I have a question. What if you capture on H264 and use Mac OS X Handbrake/Quicktime to convert to Motion-Jpeg?

I suspect that to use MPEG-4 as a source for recording is somehow degrading/downgrading the footage.

Why Motion-Jpeg at 75/100? A higher value could increase file space and probably quality.

First time I saw the post I wished you Resedited VideoShop to allow 1080p.

the question is when you will reach the top end of your current OS 9 hardware configuration for deencoding.

the limit for uncompressed video is already reached in the range of pal/secam resolution, with 2k/FHD video all depends on the quality of the codec, while the bitrate maximum will never be reached no matter what compression used.


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