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List of SSDs that works with Mac Os 9

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These two are of cheaper variety.

LiteOn MU3  Model: PH6-CE120-G (120GB)
Plextor S3C  Model: PX-128S3C (128GB)

Both tested by myself on DA/9.2.2, although not extensively. Both are bootable.
LiteOn was a bit quirky a couple of times and, I think I had one freeze, but I suspect that it was due to adapter used - the one that (S)ATAman dissapproves. I will order the slim one when this horror is over.

Thank you all, the list keep growing !  ;D

I've been using the OWC drives...

the Legacy (with the built in bridge)  in a 1Gz TI and also a 1Gz 17"Alu (OS9'd)

Mercury Electra 3G and also I think the 6G in QS(933) and various 1.25 MDD's


Just wanted to leave a "Thank you" for the list. Exactly the kind of I was looking for. Actually it would deserve a place on the website, really :-) ... will chip in my experience when I get around to do some more testing.

Should be much larger list.
Sorry after good 6 weeks of being crowned my throne collapsed and have to work again.

The bad news is that the code I wrote while being the Emperor is really shitty, have to look over again.


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